• Herefords reduce input costs. Along with excellent conversion, Herefords offer hardiness, fertility, longevity and a gentle disposition -- ideal for your herd and your pocketbook.

  • Known as the efficiency experts, Herefords have been beef industry icons for more than 100 years. Today the industry faces more challenges than ever and we are ready to help producers meet those challenges head on.

  • And Herefords boost crossbreeding programs. Due to Hereford purity, whiteface crosses pack extra hybrid kick. A Hereford bull and an Angus cow create one of the most efficient, coveted products of the beef cattle industry.

  • Herefords do more with less. Naturally efficient converters of grass and grain, a little feed goes a long way on the range and in the feedlot with Hereford genetics.

  • Thanks for visiting. If you have questions about information shared here, the best Hereford genetics for your program or marketing opportunities through CHB or Hereford Verified, call us at 816-842-3757.

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Date Event Location details
08/01/14 Sonoma County Fair Hereford Show Santa Rosa, California details
08/02/14 West Virginia State Show Braxton County, West Virginia details
08/02/14 Ozark Empire Fair Hereford Show Springfield, Missouri details
08/02/14 Tennessee State Hereford Show Franklin, Tennessee details
08/04/14 Beef Cattle Short Course College Station, Texas details
08/06/14 Indiana State Fair Hereford Show Indianapolis, Indiana details
08/08/14 MontanaFair Hereford Show Billings, Montana details
08/09/14 Wisconsin State Fair Hereford Show W. Allis, Wisconsin details
08/09/14 Illinois State Fair Hereford Show Springfield, Illinois details
08/09/14 Montgomery County Agricultural Fair Hereford Show Gaithersburg, Maryland details

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Register Now for Hereford Genetic Summit

 Registration is open for the Hereford Genetic Summit. Visit HerefordGeneticSummit.com for a schedule and to register online. Register by Aug. 11 and save $50.

JNHE Online Coverage

Hereford enthusiasts were in Harrisburg, Pa., July 5-12 for the Junior National Hereford Expo.

Hereford Events App Available For Download

 Hereford enthusiasts with smart phones can  download a Hereford Events app to keep up-to-date with Hereford events, including the upcoming Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE), the Hereford Genetic Summit and the American Hereford Association (AHA) Annual Meeting.
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