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Hereford Highlights

Performance Pedigrees Available to All Users

For more than a year, performance pedigrees have been accessible on the Web by American Hereford Association (AHA) members using the enhanced Internet account tools. To provide more information to potential Hereford customers, the AHA has recently made performance pedigrees available as PDF files to all users of AHA search tools. 

AHA Expands Sire Selection Options

The AHA has added several options to the expected progeny difference (EPD) search form to allow for more thorough searching by categories of sires published in the Sire Summary. Options for carcass sires and National Reference Sire Program sires are available.

Packing Slips and Statements Now Online

AHA members who have access to the enhanced Internet account area are now able to view packing slips and monthly statements on the Web, in addition to receiving them in the mail with their paperwork. To access these reports, log on to your AHA Internet account and proceed to the “Download Files” area.  Once there, look toward the end of the list of reports to download, where you’ll find a link labeled "Click for Accounting Files.”

Market Update

Cattle Outlook
Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain
University of Missouri-Columbia

Grimes and Plain offer market updates for the week past each Friday afternoon. To view this information, visit the University of Missouri AgEBB Web site.

Industry Insight

Canada Issues New Feed Controls

The American Meat Institute (AMI) has announced that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is banning specified risk materials (SRMs) capable of transmitting bovine spongiform encephalopathy from all animal feeds, pet foods and fertilizers.

CFIA states that extending the SRM controls to all animal feeds addresses potential contamination that could occur during feed production, transportation, storage and use. Removing SRMs from pet food and fertilizers is intended to mitigate risk associated with potential exposure and the misuse of products.

The regulated industry will be permitted to propose alternative approaches that can be shown to achieve the same level of protection as full SRM removal.

The new regulations go into effect July 12, 2007, with additional time given to small establishments to achieve full compliance. CFIA will launch an awareness campaign to guarantee all regulated parties know of the new regulations and have adjusted their practices and procedures as required.

For more information, visit the AMI Web site.

Japanese Inspectors Arrive in U.S.

John Gregerson,, reported this week that 10 officials from Japan’s agriculture and health ministries have arrived in the U.S. and begun inspections of 35 U.S. meatpacking plants.

The officials plan to ensure the plants meet Japanese food safety standards before Japan makes its final decision on whether to resume imports of U.S. beef. Inspections are expected to last one month.

Meanwhile, Gregerson says Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso has declared that Japan won’t halt all U.S. beef imports if a single shipment is found to contain banned cattle parts, but rather take action against the shipper.

Senators Send Letter to Chinese President Regarding Beef Trade

Twenty-seven senators have sent Chinese President Hu Jintao a letter encouraging him to resume U.S. beef trade. In April, China agreed to conditionally resume imports of American beef by June 30, 2006. The senators are “disappointed and concerned that China has yet to take the steps necessary to allow beef exports to resume.”

The senators’ letters can be downloaded from the AMI Web site (PDF).

Taiwan to Send Delegation to Review U.S. Beef Practices

According to Ann Bagel,, a delegation from Taiwan plans to visit the U.S. in late July to inspect the raising, slaughtering and exporting practices for beef cattle, following a decision by a legislative committee reviewing the Taiwanese government’s policy on U.S. beef imports.

The committee will also hire consultants to help with the review.

In January, Taiwan agreed to resume imports of U.S. boneless beef from animals 30 months of age or younger, but officials warned the ban could be re-imposed if any serious violations of the requirements occurred.

Beef Initiative Offers International Commerce

A new beef initiative will be instituted at the Calgary Stampede Stock Show this July, offering international commerce in the beef production industry. From July 13-16, the agriculture building will house a beef cattle showcase and exposition.

“The idea is to get the cattle breeders to focus on the promotion of their cattle instead of bringing their show cattle,” explains Wayne Hanson, chairman of the beef cattle committee. “It is less expensive for the cattlemen. They can focus on the actual promotion when they don’t have to do the work on the showing part.”

Grant Hirsche of Adams-Hirsche Herefords and Angus will be one of the producers ready to meet local and international cattlemen. “I think it’s a good opportunity for us to find a different way to market. I’m excited to try it.”

Producers will still have the opportunity to bring display cattle down in addition to videos on their farms and programs. “It’s important for people to know that there will be cattle there and there is a place to come. It is an opportunity to get producers and customers together. Both internationally and locally,” Hirsche says.

The Stampede Stock Show’s international audience is a significant factor in the appeal of such a project. “That has always been one of the things that has made Calgary successful,” explains Hanson.

Stampede staff is sending out invitations to the event. Breeders should let staff members know if they’d like these invites sent to particular individuals. The breeders will have complimentary gate passes to offer prospective clients.

For more information, visit the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede Web site or call (403) 261-0162.

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