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Hereford Highlights

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Hereford 101: Expert Advice on AI and Synchronization

The next Hereford 101 is scheduled for March 22 at 7 p.m. Dave Patterson, state Extension beef reproduction specialist at the University of Missouri-Columbia, will join Jack Ward, American Hereford Association (AHA) chief operating officer and director of breed improvement, to discuss the importance of artificial insemination (AI). Included will be information on synchronization practices that can enhance AI results.

Participants will be encouraged to submit questions, either by calling in or through the online “chat.”

In order to view the video, your computer needs to have a broadband connection to the Internet. Dial-up Internet will allow you to participate, but will only facilitate the audio portion of the Webinar.

If you go to, you will see an item in the calendar (list of auctions) for Hereford 101. Click on it and you will be prompted to enter a user name and password. If you haven’t previously set up an account you can do so via the Web site. It only takes a minute or two; just click on the “Hereford 101” item, and then on “Create a New User.” It is strongly suggested that you set up an account before the night of the Webinar.

For more information, contact Ward at (816) 842-3757 or

Spring 2007 Gold TPR Breeders Announced

Established in 2005, the Gold TPR™ (Total Performance Records) Breeder recognition is presented to progressive Hereford breeders who have measured traits, collected and promptly submitted performance data at all levels of production including calving, weaning weight, yearling weight, scrotal circumference and carcass. The following Hereford breeders have been named Spring 2007 Gold TPR Breeders:

  • David or Juanita Jennings, Rogers, Ark.
  • Triple S Ranch, De Queen, Ark.
  • Gino Pedretti, El Nido, Calif.
  • Wild Rose Ranch, Red Bluff, Calif.
  • Coyote Ridge Ranch, LaSalle, Colo.
  • Evergreen, Old Town, Fla.
  • Hill-Vue Farm, Blairsville, Ga.
  • Van Weelden Herefords, Lynnville, Iowa
  • McCarty Polled Herefords, Rock Rapids, Iowa
  • Colyer Herefords, Bruneau, Idaho
  • JBB/AL Herefords, Gooding, Idaho
  • Shaw Cattle Co. Inc., Caldwell, Idaho
  • Ellis Farms, Chrisman, Ill.
  • Reeser Herefords, Monticello, Ill.
  • Brannan & Reinhardt, Otis, Kan.
  • Mike Flory, Lawrence, Kan.
  • Spring Hill Hereford Farms, Blue Rapids, Kan.
  • Sandhill Farms/Kevin Schultz, Haviland, Kan.
  • Bookcliff Herefords, Russell, Kan.
  • CK Ranch, Brookville, Kan.
  • Gustafson Herefords, Junction City, Kan.
  • Lonker Herefords, Medicine Lodge, Kan.
  • Mill Creek Ranch, Alma, Kan.
  • Oleen Cattle Co., Falun, Kan.
  • Allan Shumaker, Wetmore, Kan.
  • Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kan.
  • A.W. Plainfield Farm, Newburg, Md.
  • Phil & Chris Rottman, Fremont, Mich.
  • Frederickson Hereford Farm, Starbuck, Minn.
  • Lester Schafer, Buffalo Lake, Minn.
  • Bellefy Herefords, Bagley, Minn.
  • Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, Miss.
  • Harold Day, Pilot Grove, Mo.
  • E.L. Mobley, Fairdealing, Mo.
  • Hendrix Cattle Co., Bismarck, Mo.
  • CA Cattle Ranch, West Plains, Mo.
  • Churchill Cattle Co., Manhattan, Mont.
  • Mark Cooper, Willow Creek, Mont.
  • Courtney Herefords, Alzada, Mont.
  • Ace Diemert, Lothair, Mont.
  • Holden Herefords, Valier, Mont.
  • J Bar E Ranch, Plentywood, Mont.
  • Richard & Shirley Thomas, Gold Creek, Mont.
  • Carter’s Polled Herefords, Rocklake, N.D.
  • David Nelson, Valley City, N.D.
  • Flying J Polled Herefords, Underwood, N.D.
  • Olson Hereford Ranch, Argusville, N.D.
  • Jeffrey Boehnke, Kramer, N.D.
  • Friedt Herefords, Mott, N.D.
  • Helbling Herefords, Mandan, N.D.
  • Lodoen Hereford Farm, Westhope, N.D.
  • Perman Herefords, Streeter, N.D.
  • Stuber Ranch, Bowman, N.D.
  • Alfred Schutte & Sons, Guide Rock, Neb.
  • Alexander Farms, Lyons, Neb.
  • Joe Brockman, Lawrence, Neb.
  • KEG Herefords, Valentine, Neb.
  • Monahan Cattle Co., Hyannis, Neb.
  • Ridder Hereford Ranch, Callaway, Neb.
  • Bell Ranch, Paradise Valley, Nev.
  • Meadowlark Farm, Kirtland, N.M.
  • NS Polled Herefords, Shaker Heights, Ohio
  • Douglas Banks, Hamilton, Ohio
  • Finnegan Family Farm, Berlin Heights, Ohio
  • Gillespie Herefords, Oxford, Ohio
  • George Mangham, Forgan, Okla.
  • Turner Bros., Oklahoma City, Okla.
  • Quentin/Gayle Cook, Vale, Ore.
  • Bar JZ Polled Herefords, Holabird, S.D.
  • Larry & Carol Gildemaster, Virgil, S.D.
  • Baker Hereford Ranch, Rapid City, S.D.
  • Dvorak Herefords, Lake Andes, S.D.
  • JBN Livestock, Box Elder, S.D.
  • K&B Herefords, Onida, S.D.
  • Blacktop Farms, Mitchell, S.D.
  • Burns Farms, Pikeville, Tenn.
  • Ledbetter Cattle Co., Amarillo, Texas
  • Indian Mound Ranch, Canadian, Texas
  • Knoll Crest Farm, Red House, Va.
  • J.B. Persinger Jr., Covington, Va.
  • Bay Brook Farm, Dabneys, Va.
  • Deer Track Farm, Spotsylvania, Va.
  • Ottley Herefords, Quincy, Wash.
  • Huth Polled Herefords, Oakfield, Wis.
  • Ramer’s Herefords, Fitchburg, Wis.
  • K7 Herefords, Hollandale, Wis.
  • Terry Boggess, Lewisburg, W.Va.
  • Lloyd Brown, Powell, Wyo.
  • Ned & Jan Ward, Sheridan, Wyo.

Yearling Weight and Ultrasound Reminder:
The AHA Needs Weaning Weights First

It is that time of year again when AHA staff begins to receive yearling weights and ultrasound data, as last year’s calves are getting old enough to have these performance measurements recorded.

It is important for all breeders and bull test managers submitting yearling traits or having their yearlings scanned by technicians to get the calves’ weaning weights submitted before the yearling data. Adjustments for yearling traits are figured on a postweaning gain basis. Therefore, the AHA has to have the weaning weights processed before calculating adjustments or interim expected progeny differences (EPDs).

To prevent turnaround delays, please send in your weaning weights ahead of time.

AHA Announces 2007 Nominating Committee

The AHA nominating committee’s responsibility is to identify six candidates to run for the three Board spots that are selected during the AHA Annual Meeting in October. Recently selected to serve in this capacity are:

  • Dale Venhuizen, chairman, Manhattan, Mont.
  • Tommy Mead, Midville, Ga.
  • Jim Gillooly, Washington, Ind.
  • Jim Mickelson, Santa Rosa, Calif.
  • Vern Rausch, Hoven, S.D.

Cattle Ranchers, Meat Managers Team Up to Offer Hereford Beef in Oklahoma

A new product launch this month represents an alliance between Oklahomans devoted to raising Hereford cattle and Oklahomans with generations of experience in the grocery business coming together to offer shoppers an exceptionally tasty, tender cut of beef.

The food business has changed dramatically in the last decade but United Supermarkets aims to uphold the best traditions of its hometown grocery stores, including the old-fashioned pleasures of high-quality beef, by introducing a new brand this month.

“The rollout of our new certified Hereford branded beef is a great fit with our state’s centennial celebration this year,” says Ken Gracey, United Supermarkets meat operations director. “For decades, we have partnered with Oklahoma beef producers to support their industry. We are honored to team up with Hereford cattle ranchers across the state to give our customers an outstanding product and celebrate the good things Oklahoma has to offer.”

During this centennial year, United Supermarkets is introducing Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB) in Oklahoma stores. CHB products will begin appearing on store shelves starting March 19.

For the rest of the story, visit

Herefords Top Calgary Bull Sale

One hundred thirty-four Hereford bulls earned the highest breed average of $3,945 at the Calgary Bull Sale, March 8. The Angus and Charolais averages followed at $3,620 (76 head) and $3,465 (32 head) respectively.

JoNomn Hereford Ranch, Clyde, AB, consigned the grand champion Hereford bull, JNHR Red Standard 68R, who was also the overall high-selling bull at $40,000. Buyers were Doenz Ranches, Warner, AB, and Floyd Anderson Herefords, Cardston, AB.

Gordon and Neal Church of Balzac, AB, purchased the reserve champion Hereford bull, SFL 86M Robin 99R, from Stauffer Farms Ltd., Eckville, AB, for $16,500.

OBI Reports Bull Test Results; Sale Slated for March 29

Eighteen Hereford bulls have been consigned to the Oklahoma Beef Inc. (OBI) All-Breed Performance Tested Bull Sale scheduled for 11 a.m., March 29, at the OBI Test Station in Stillwater. Six of the bulls competed in Test #61 (bulls born September-November 2005), and the other 12 competed in Test #62 (bulls born December 2005-February 2006).

The high-indexing Hereford bull in Test #61 was Lot 440 consigned by Carl McDonald, Taloga, Okla. The JDB 517 Stewart H33 son averaged 4.30 lb. of gain per day through the 112-day feeding period, and recorded a weight per day of age (WDA) of 3.17 lb. His adjusted 365-day weight was 1,176 lb. and his final test index was 112.5. This bull will lead off the Hereford offering on March 29.

The high-indexing Hereford bull in Test #62 was Lot 463 consigned by Durham Ranch, Stillwater, Okla. The bull sired by MW LLL Farley 24F had a 5.72 average daily gain (ADG) and a 3.75 WDA. His adjusted 365-day weight was 1,383 lb., and he indexed 113.0. The Durham bull is not for sale on March 29.

The second high-indexing bull, Lot 459, consigned by Falling Timber Farm, Marthasville, Mo., will be the first to sell from Test #62. This FTF Limited Edition 232 son indexed 109.6, with a 5.25 ADG, 4.01 WDA and 1,469-lb. adjusted 365-day weight.

Further test results and the spring 2007 sale catalog are available at the OBI Web site.

WCA/WSU Bull Test Issues Final Progress Report

The 14th Annual Washington Cattlemen’s Association/Washington State University (WCA/WSU) Bull Test has issued a progress report for the final test period of their 114-day feed test.

Twelve head of polled Herefords were led by a 1,515-lb. son of Remitall Nation Wide ET 93N consigned by Nordlicht Herefords of Addy, Wash. He posted a 4.41 ADG and also recorded the highest WDA at 3.70.

The top overall index for the 17 horned Herefords was 112.82 recorded by a son of BB 32F Sandman 9083 consigned by Reinland Herefords of Addy, Wash. He posted a 3.82 ADG and a 3.45 WDA.

Sale day is scheduled for March 28 at the WSU Research Center in Prosser, Wash.

For more information, visit the WSU Prosser Web site.

Northeast Colorado Bull Test Association Completes
31st Annual Test

The Northeast Colorado Bull Test Association (NCBTA) has completed its 31st annual test with 107 bulls finishing with an ADG of 3.39 and a WDA of 3.19.

In the Hereford division, Roderick Polled Herefords, Lindon, Colo., had the top-indexing bull with an index of 115. This son of Star Toolbar 31N ET posted an ADG of 4.18 with a 3.35 WDA. He will sell, along with three other Hereford bulls, at the Northeast Colorado Bull Test 31st Anniversary Bull Sale March 31.

The sale will be held at the test facility located halfway between Atwood and Akron just east of Highway 63. It will kickoff at 11 a.m. with guest speaker Mark Enns from Colorado State University, who is speaking on “Genetic Selections for Profitability.”

For more information or to receive a sale catalog, contact David Colburn, NCBTA test coordinator, at (970) 522-3200 (extension 283) or visit the test Web site.

Former NJHA Board Member Joins
The Weekly Livestock Reporter

(Information provided by The Weekly Livestock Reporter)

John Andras of Big Timber, Mont., has joined The Weekly Livestock Reporter in Ft. Worth, Texas, as an advertising salesman and field representative. Andras was a director on the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) board from 2001-03.

Andras is in charge of selling advertising for several cattle breeds, including Hereford. He also will work the ring at many sales throughout the Southwest.

Andras recently graduated from Oklahoma State University, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in animal science with an emphasis in business.

Join Fellow Hereford Enthusiasts at the JNHE — July 7-14

The “Western States Hereford Breeders” along with various state junior Hereford associations invite you to attend the 2007 Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE), “A Hereford Celebration.” This year’s junior extravaganza is July 7-14 at the National Western Complex.

Rooms at the JNHE headquarters hotels — Renaissance Denver Hotel and Doubletree Hotel Denver — are sold out. Other room blocks have been reserved at the Courtyard Denver Stapleton (across the street from the Renaissance), (303) 333-3303, and the Radisson Hotel Denver Stapleton Plaza (next door to the Renaissance), (303) 321-3500. There are a limited number of hotel rooms in the area, so it is recommended that you make your reservation soon. The reservation cutoff date is June 1. Ask for the Junior National Hereford Expo rate.
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Market Update

Cattle Outlook
Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain, University of Missouri-Columbia

Grimes and Plain offer market updates for the week past each Friday afternoon. To view this information, visit the University of Missouri AgEBB Web site.

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Industry Insight

Do Something Now to Control Spring Populations of
Stable Flies in Pastures
Alberto Broce, livestock entomologist (as printed in March 2007 Beef Tips)

Spring-early summer populations of stable flies in pastures develop at winter feeding sites of hay. When hay wasted during feeding is mixed with cattle or horse manure it develops into ideal larval habitats for stable flies.

The production of stable flies from these habitats is a function of the amount of wasted hay and the accumulation of the hay/manure medium. Hay:manure ratios of 1:1 to 5:1 provide ideal media for developing stable fly larvae. Thus, any measure undertaken to lower the amount of wasted hay and/or to control or reduce the accumulation will help to lower the production of stable flies at these feeding sites.

This can be achieved by any of the following practices: a) moving feeding sites frequently to prevent the accumulation in one spot; b) use of feeders, such as cone feeders, demonstrated to lower (although not prevent) the amount of wasted hay; c) unrolling the round bales on pastures, but not over the same site; d) spreading the accumulated hay:manure medium to allow it to dry.

Economic levels of stable fly populations in pastures appear to be of significance only during a period of four to six weeks during the spring-early summer, yet they can during this period reduce weight gain of stockers by 0.5 lb./head/day.


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