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Hereford Highlights

See You in Denver

Hereford Youth are making final preparations for the 2007 Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE), July 7-14 in Denver. If a trip to Denver is not in your plans, real-time coverage will be available online at To view the coverage, you must first set up a simple user account. If you haven’t done so already, visit the site before it’s time to watch your junior member show!

You can either go to the American Hereford Association (AHA) Web site and from there be directed to, or go directly to the site. There, you’ll find a link for the JNHE. You’ll be prompted to enter the user name and password you establish in the account setup process. There is no charge to use this service. Enjoy!

For class placings and pictures, look under the "Shows" menu on the AHA Web site.

Junior exhibitors will have a chance to see electronic identification (EID) technology in action. The AHA has teamed up with Gallagher Animal Management Solutions and Allflex USA to EID tag all animals exhibiting in the JNHE.

To save time at the chutes, junior exhibitors may choose to put their own EID tags in at home before traveling to the JNHE or the cattle will be tagged during cattle processing.

The EID tag will make cattle processing at future shows much more efficient and demonstrates that the Hereford breed is taking a proactive approach to EID and biosecurity measures.

This breakthrough technology allows Hereford junior members the opportunity to become the first junior cattle breed organization to adopt this technology. To encourage junior exhibitors to use EID tagging systems, Gallagher has graciously donated an Ernie 700 scalehead to be given away at the 2008 National Western Stock Show.

JNHE exhibitors who have their cattle EID tagged prior to cattle processing will be automatically entered in the drawing. The AHA appreciates your cooperation as we implement this new system into the national shows. To order tags from Allflex, call its customer service department at (800) 989-8247 or locate a regional sales representative at

CHB Newsletter Online

The June 2007 Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) LLC newsletter is available on the CHB LLC Web site. The newsletter features what’s new with CHB LLC, including two new staff members, the CHB Ambassador program and the new consumer Web site. It also contains customer updates, highlights of the Winter Round-Up, and the latest news on sales figures and new markets. Be sure to check out the featured recipe Chipotle Rubbed Carne Asada.

PRIDE Convention Registration Due July 1

The 2007 Program for Reaching Individuals Determined to Excel (PRIDE) Convention will be Aug. 2-5 at Mississippi State University in Starkville.

Some of the traditional fun and educational agenda items will be back on the program in 2007. Each event being planned will help you grow as an effective leader among your peers. Plan to be in Mississippi in August; don’t miss out on this fun and educational Hereford event.

PRIDE participants will see some of the Southeast’s most progressive Hereford operations during their visit to Mississippi. Tours to EE Hereford Ranch Inc., Winona; Grandview Plantation, Como; and CMR Polled Herefords, Senatobia, will be features of this year’s event.

Registration deadline is July 1. Download PRIDE registration form (PDF, 64 KB)

Hereford Young Guns Can Register Online

Hereford producers ages 22-45: register online at for the upcoming conference, Aug. 22-24. The event will be at Harrah’s North Kansas City Hotel and Casino.

The program will feature dynamic speakers who are beef industry leaders. Topics will range from Hereford efficiency to the effect of ethanol on the beef industry, and how the Hereford breed is measuring up in research projects across the nation.

Conference attendees will gain valuable marketing ideas and learn from industry friends about tools and programs available to seedstock and commercial Hereford producers.

The conference will recap highlights of the first Young Guns Conference in 2001 and will focus on what the breed has accomplished in terms of regaining market share and breed direction. Plan to be in Kansas City in August; don’t miss out on this fun and educational Hereford event.

Registration and hotel reservation deadline is Aug. 1. Single registration fee: $100. Per couple from same operation: $170.

A schedule of events and registration is now available at

Hotel information:

Harrah’s North Kansas City Hotel and Casino
For reservations call (816) 472-7777
Room rate: $89 per night (ask for group code S8HERFD)

Thank you to the PTP Alliance, Purina Mills, Gallagher Animal Management Systems and Vermeer Manufacturing for sponsoring the 2007 Hereford Young Guns Conference!

July 4th Cookout to Feature CHB®

Ridley’s Family Markets LLC, local Hereford cattle breeders and CHB LLC are excited to announce the first-ever Ridley’s 4th of July Steak Sandwich Cookouts. The cookouts will be in Buhl, Idaho, July 1, and Buhl and Middleton, Idaho, July 4. Each of the events will be at the Ridley’s Family Markets’ parking lot from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The events will feature a Certified Hereford Beef® steak sandwich or hamburger, chips and a drink for $4. A children’s coloring contest along with other fun activities will accompany the events.

Harry the Hereford Bull and Harley the Hereford Steer will greet the public at each event. A bull co-owned by Heritage Cattle Co., Split Butte Cattle Co. and Little Creek Ranch will be on display at the Buhl location.

Several local Hereford producers, CHB LLC staff and Ridley’s Family Market staff will help grill steaks and answer questions.

July Hereford World Mails

The July 2007 Hereford World mailed Friday, June 22. In an effort to decrease the delivery time, Arlene Sanchez, U.S. Postal Service (USPS) manager consumer affairs & claims Fort Worth district, has graciously agreed to field calls from magazine subscribers who do not receive their magazine within 10 days of the mailing date.

If you do not receive your magazine within 10 days, please call Sanchez at (817) 317-3623. HPI staff thanks Sanchez for taking a proactive approach to this on-going problem and encourages subscribers who experience late delivery to report the delay.

Don’t Forget Important Junior Deadlines

As soon as possible send to the AHA state delegate information, illustrated speech applications, National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) Mentor Program registration and Hereford Grill-off registration. We realize that some state junior field days are later, but as soon as you have this information please fax or mail it to AHA.

Here are few important deadlines:

July 1
  • Deadline for PRIDE Convention registration
    Download registration form (PDF, 64 KB)
  • National illustrated speech contest applications due
  • Peewee speech contest applications due
  • Promotional poster contest entries due (if unable to attend the JNHE)
  • Scrapbook contest entries due (if unable to attend the JNHE)
  • Golden Bull Achievement Award applications due
  • Future Cattleman Scholarship applications due
  • JNHE meal order forms are due
    Download order form (PDF, 80 KB)

No eNews Next Week

Because of the July 4th holiday, there will be no Hereford eNews next week. Please look for the next issue July 13.

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Market Update

Cattle Outlook
Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain, University of Missouri-Columbia

Grimes and Plain offer market updates for the week past each Friday afternoon. To view this information, visit the University of Missouri AgEBB Web site.

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Industry Insight

Keep Selection Focused on Improving Quality
While Maintaining Productivity
John Hall, Virginia Tech

After recently attending several meetings, it is apparent that as an industry there is still a great deal of work to be done in terms of product quality, consistency and consumer education. Perhaps as a breed there are educational opportunities with consumers and retailers as well. I recently dined at one of the Hereford House locations and asked the waitress if this was Hereford beef. “No actually it is Angus,” she said. In fact, the Hereford House serves Sterling Silver Premium Beef, which is not breed specific, but the product must be high Choice or Prime.

So why should seedstock and commercial producers be concerned about final product quality? Directly or indirectly, final product quality affects seedstock and feeder cattle prices. Our long-term ability to stay in the beef business and be profitable depends on the final product.

At the national meeting of state Beef Quality Assurances (BQA) coordinators, several speakers reminded attendees of the critical role that quality grade plays in both the domestic and export markets. However, carcass weight and lean product yield are still major determinates of carcass value. Therefore a combination of growth and quality traits is desired.

During the recent Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Annual Research Symposium and Annual Meeting in Fort Collins, Colo., many of the presentations focused on our ability as cattlemen to improve carcass and product quality. I encourage all beef producers to read the proceedings of this year’s BIF convention especially the papers on product quality. They can be downloaded from the BIF Conference Web site.

Remember if you can’t access them at home ask your local Extension agent or librarian to help you print off a copy.

A few of the important points from BIF include:

  • Dan Moser (Kansas State University) reminded producers that true progress on improving marbling will be slow.
    • First, selection for intramuscular fat (IMF) is a powerful tool, but because of genetic correlations between breeding values for IMF and phenotypic changes in marbling the accuracy of making the proper selection decisions to change marbling is low. Therefore, it is important to collect ultrasound IMF data and marbling from carcass data.
    • Second, the generation interval in cattle is long. So even though progress is being made in selection for IMF/marbling, it takes several years to see significant changes in cattle coming through the feedlot and processor.
  • Pete Anderson (VetLife Technical Services) said that even in cattle that have the genetics to marble well, there are many environmental factors that can prevent expression of this trait.
    • Marbling is a complex interplay among genetics and environmental factors that allow or interfere with expression of marbling. Marbling is a lifetime process not just a feedlot event.
    • Illness at anytime during the calf’s life can reduce quality grade especially during the backgrounding and feedlot phases.
    • Nutritional stress anytime will reduce quality grade. This includes droughts while calves are still nursing dams or backgrounding programs that are designed for slow rates of gain during a portion of the program.
    • Implants do reduce the percentage of cattle that grade Choice, but still improve yield and efficiency of gain.
    • The effect of corn coproducts such as distillers grain on marbling is dependent on harvest endpoint as well as the amount of coproduct in the diet.
  • Bob Weaber (University of Missouri-Columbia) discussed the genetic antagonisms among many production traits (stayability, weaning weight, etc) and marbling. My version of the take home message is that in our pursuit of increased product quality we must not ignore the value of the crossbred cow to the commercial producer.

Certainly, I have not done justice to the excellent presentations made at BIF by Moser, Weaber, Anderson and others. I hope I have sparked your interest enough to get you to read these papers and discuss them with others.


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