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Hereford Highlights

No eNews Next Week

There will be no Hereford eNews next week due to the holiday. All of us at the American Hereford Association (AHA) wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. It is our hope that you and your families have much to be thankful for. If you are traveling this holiday, be safe. We will resume our weekly eNews distribution the week after Thanksgiving.

Discover Cards Now Accepted

AHA members can now use their Discover cards to pay for AHA services such as registrations, membership dues, transfers, inventory fees and advertising. We will still accept Visa and MasterCard as always and are adding Discover to the mix for your convenience.

Restaurant Adds CHB to Menu

The Power Plant Restaurant and Brewery located in historic downtown Parkville, Mo., has added Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB) to its menu. This unique restaurant was originally the Park College Power Plant. The restaurant’s management chose to serve their customers CHB over other branded beef products because of CHB’s consistent great taste and tenderness.

Don’t Miss Out on These Hereford Christmas Ideas

Do your Christmas shopping with the American Hereford Women (AHW) and at the
same time help raise funds for Hereford juniors.

Items for sale include:

  • Learning With Herefords! DVD — $25 (updated cost)
  • "A Hereford Legacy" Bud Snidow DVD — $20

Add $2 shipping and handling for each DVD ordered.

To order, contact Cheryl Evans at or P.O. Box 310, Winona, MS 38967.

AHW also has Hereford candles, Hereford charms and leather mouse pads with AHA or NJHA imprinted on them.

Visit the AHW Web site to view pictures and for more information.

Hereford Online 101: Focuses on K-State Research

The next online 101 is scheduled for Nov. 29 at noon CST. Dan Moser, Kansas State University, will be the guest and will discuss recent research on fertility, longevity and survivability.

Participants will be encouraged to submit questions by either calling in or using the online “chat.” In order to view the video, you must have a broadband connection to the Internet. Dial-up Internet will allow you to participate, but will only facilitate the audio portion of the Webinar.

If you go to, you will see an item in the calendar (list of auctions) for Hereford 101. Click on it and you will be prompted to enter a user name and password. If you haven't previously set up an account, you can do so via the Web site. It only takes a minute or two; just click on the "Hereford 101" item and then on "Create a New User." It is strongly suggested that you set up an account before the night of the Webinar.

National Western Announces Changes

The National Western Stock Show (NWSS) has announced several changes for its 2008 event. The entry deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 20, and all cattle must be registered at the time of entry. No pending registrations will be allowed in either the Hill or Yard shows.

All cattle entered must test negative for persistent infection with bovine viral diarrhea (PI BVD).

All cattle sold, either privately or through auction, must test negative for brucellosis (Bang's disease) and tuberculosis (TB).

Hereford events during the NWSS will include the junior show Jan. 16, the carload and pen bull show Jan. 17 as well as the new pen of three female show, Jan. 18 will be the female show followed by the bull show on Jan. 19. The Mile High Night Hereford Sale is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 18 at 6 p.m. The sale will be managed by National Cattle Services Inc. and is sponsored by the AHA.

National Western Hotel Information

The AHA headquarters is the Renaissance Denver Hotel at 3801 Quebec Street. A block of rooms is reserved until Dec. 18. The rate is $89. Call (303) 399-7500 to make your reservations. The catalog will be published in the December Hereford World. For more information, contact Joe Rickabaugh at (816) 842-3757.

More information about Hereford activities in Denver will be in the December Hereford World. For a complete set of NWSS rules and guidelines visit the NWSS Web site.

Save Time at the Show, Put EID Tags in at Home

The new electronic identification (EID) tagging system is successfully being implemented at all of the national shows and we appreciate all of the exhibitors cooperation with this new project. The AHA has teamed up with Gallagher Animal Management Solutions and Allflex USA to EID tag all animals exhibiting in the national shows. Having the cattle tagged prior to the show makes cattle processing much more efficient and demonstrates that the Hereford breed is taking a proactive approach to EID and biosecurity measures.

To avoid standing in long lines and bringing your cattle to the chute, please put your own EID tags in at home. To encourage exhibitors to use EID tagging systems, Gallagher has graciously donated an Ernie 700 scale head to be given away at the 2008 National Western Stock Show. Exhibitors who have their cattle EID tagged prior to cattle processing will be automatically entered in the drawing.

To order tags from Allflex call its customer service department at (800) 989-8247 or locate a regional sales representative at the Allflex Web site.

Juniors: Apply for OXO World Traveler Ambassador Scholarship

Hereford youth can apply for a $4,500 scholarship to use toward the air, hotel and land package to attend the 2008 World Hereford Conference. Any excess funds may be used for expenses on the trip.

Applicants must be 18 years or older on the day the World Hereford Conference trip begins, and not older than 26 years. Any boy or girl who has been or currently is a NJHA member is eligible.

Application deadline is Dec. 1, including two current photos of applicant, and a 750-word essay on why he or she would like to attend the World Hereford Conference. Essays need to be typewritten, double-spaced.

Should an emergency arise and the applicant cannot attend the conference, the award is cancelled and must be refunded to the OXO World Traveler Ambassador Scholarship fund. An alternate applicant will be chosen.

The award will be presented at the National Western Stock Show in Denver during a convenient time on show day. Winner will be notified two weeks in advance to allow for travel arrangements to Denver. For more details please contact Chris Stephens at (816) 842-3757 or

Preliminary travel schedule and World Hereford Conference details can be found at

Download OXO World Traveler Scholarship application (Word)

Market Update

Cattle Outlook
Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain, University of Missouri-Columbia

Grimes and Plain offer market updates for the week past each Friday afternoon. To view this information, visit the University of Missouri AgEBB Web site.

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Industry Insight

Reducing Winter Feed Costs
John Hall, Virginia Tech Department of Animal & Poultry Science

Winter feeding costs represent the largest single cost to the cow-calf operation. The most effective strategy to decrease winter feed costs is to extend the grazing season. Here is a list of 10 additional strategies to reduce winter feed costs.

  1. Body condition score (BCS) cows — Cows should calve in BCS 5-6 and heifers need to be in BCS 6-7 at calving. By condition scoring cows in late fall or early winter, producers can identify a winter-feeding strategy and which cows may need to be culled.
  2. Pregnancy check cows — There is no need to feed an open cow over winter.
  3. Feed cows in groups — Grouping thin cows and young cows together for winter feeding and feeding them separately from mature cows in good condition will decrease feed costs. Supplemental feeds can be directed to the cows that need to increase body weight and BCS.
  4. Test hay for nutrient content — This is an inexpensive test that will save money. Comparing the nutrient content of hay to the nutritional needs of cows ensures cows will not be over-supplemented (too costly) or under-supplemented (reduced performance).
  5. Know the weight of your hay bales — While many producers know the amount of hay needed per cow, they are surprised to find out how much their big round or large square bales weigh. Often bales weigh several hundred pounds less than expected.
  6. Supplement according to nutrient needs — Supplementing the wrong nutrient can be worse than no supplementation. For example, hay produced in the Eastern U.S. is often energy deficient, but producers will supplement protein, which compounds the energy deficiency. Comparing hay nutrient content to cow needs will result in proper supplementation.
  7. Purchase feed supplements ahead of time — Supplement prices fluctuate with the grain markets. Harvest time tends result in the lowest grain prices. Forward pricing or advance purchases of supplement may decrease costs and ensure availability.
  8. Limit feed wastage — Feed wastage is often the unrecognized cost. Large bales fed without a hay ring or unrolling result in wasting of 15-20% of the hay. Keeping hay in front of cows continually allows them to sort and waste hay. Recent research from the University of Illinois indicated that gestating cows only need access to hay six to nine hours per day as long as there is feeding space for all animals.
  9. Balance minerals — Many supplements have a different mineral content than corn and soybean meal. This is especially true of byproduct feed such as distillers dried grains with soluables (DDGS) or corn-gluten feed. Corn-gluten feed is high in phosphorus and DDGS is high in sulfur and phosphorus. Therefore, amounts of calcium need to be increased in mineral supplements used with these byproducts. Minerals such as sulfur can affect trace mineral uptake. Consult a nutritionist or Extension professional on designing proper mineral supplementation programs.
  10. Adjust supplementation for weather conditions — Supplementation can be reduced during mild weather, but should be increased in cold weather. For example, a cow’s energy requirement increases by 1% for each degree below 10 degrees F.


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