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Hereford Highlights

Hereford Activities in Denver this Week

Hereford enthusiasts are in Denver this week for the 2008 National Western Stock Show (NWSS). Friday Hereford females take center stage, with the National Hereford Female Show starting at 8 a.m. The bull show will be Saturday at 8:30 a.m. Look for results online at and in next week’s Hereford eNews.

Friday night at 6 p.m. will be the Mile High Night Sale in the Beef Palace Auction Arena. The auction can be viewed live on the Internet at and online viewers may bid from this site. To register to bid over the Internet, contact Brad Fahrmeier at (816) 392-9241 or

Here is a brief listing of this year’s sale. The sale catalog can be found in the December Hereford World. The sale catalog is also available on

  • Lot 1 – Foundation Heifer – STAR 29F Bethany 2T ET, P42815955
  • Lot 2 – Bull – C Maui Jim, P42665787
  • Lot 3 – Bull – C 146 Domino 7180 ET, P42791078
  • Lot 4 – Calf Pick - Pick of the 2007 Fall-Born Bull and Heifer Colyer Hereford Calf Crop
  • Lot 5 – Cow – LaGrand Angel 28T, P42813374
  • Lot 6 – Cow – MH BP EF Miss Beyond 7650 ET, P42838904
  • Lot 7 - Cow – CC Tuscan Anny 17T, P42840250
  • Lot 8 – Flush – DCC 8006 lady 2233 ET, 42261359
  • Lot 9 – Heifer Pick – BB Cattle Co.
  • Lot 10 – Heifer Pick – Selling Pick of Fall 2007 Embryo Heifer Calves, Jensen Bros.
  • Lot 11 – Bull – Certified Authentic Syndicate – KJ C&L BJ 204 Authentic 294S, 42733471
  • Lot 12 – Flush – EKS Spirdge Taylor P606 513R ET, P42628492
  • Lot 13 – Cow – Pick of 2008 Heifer calf Crop or any Female in the Herd Including Bred Heifers, Rausch Herefords
  • Lot 14 – Heifer Pick – Pick of 2007 Heifer Crop, Holden Herefords
  • Lot 15 – Bull – MSU TCF Titleist 2T ET, P42808673
  • Lot 16 – Bull – MSU Target 3T, P42808486
  • Lot 17 – MSU TCF Triumph 10T, P42808669
  • Lot 18 – Flush – Right to Flush any Female in the Sandhill Farms Herd
  • Lot 19 – Embryo – Four Frozen Embryos, Four Winds Farm
  • Lot 20 – Bull - Churchill Dutch 738T, 42796069
  • Lot 21 – Bull – Churchill Class 710T, P42790918
  • Lot 22 – Bull – FFF Moeler’s Red Dog 711S, P42767709
  • Lot 23 – Embryo – 3 Frozen Embryos, Bar 1 Ranch
  • Lot 24 – Bull – Le Grand Domino 0601 ET, 42839981
  • Lot 25 – Bull – NLC 146 Pistol Pete 717 ET, P42813044
  • Lot 26 – Flush – Selling Right to Flush BR DM Geisha or DM BR Ariel 4130ET, M6 Ranch
  • Lot 27 – Bull – GH Adams Tornado ET 40T, C02897324
  • Lot 28 – Embryos – Choice of Embryos, Ned and Jan Ward
  • Lot 29 – Heifer Pick – Pick of 2008 Heifer Calf Crop, Ned and Jan Ward
  • Lot 30 – Embryo – Four No. 1 Embryos, Ned and Jan Ward
  • Lot 31 – Flush – HH Miss Advance 9082J, 41114559
  • Lot 32 – Bull - CH LI Moler 7008, 42790398
  • Lot 33 – Bull – Harvie Dan T-Bone 196T, C02900184
  • Lot 34 – Bull – BR DM CSF Wallace ET, P42828412
  • Lot 35A – Cow – AH JDH MS 19D Violet 6T ET, P42828759
  • Lot 35 B – Cow –AH JDH MS 19D Violet 9T ET, P42828776
  • Lot 36 – Cow – Hanson 94K Lassie 3106 ET

Hereford AI Book Back in 2008

The Hereford AI Book will be back in 2008 due to popular demand. Make sure that your sire is included by submitting all advertising information and photos to the HPI office by Jan. 25.

This artificial insemination (AI) source will be distributed with the March Hereford World. In addition, reprints will be placed in AHA new member packets and distributed at trade shows, meetings and AHA events. The source will also be posted at and a summary listing of the sires will be included in April’s Hereford World.

The price for a half-page, four-color ad is $725. A full-page, four-color ad is $1,150. If you purchase two pages, you receive a discounted rate of $2,050. There is no charge for the bull’s photo.

For more information, contact your AHA field representative. A field staff listing can be found in Hereford World or at

Spring 2008 EPDs Now Available Online

The Spring 2008 Hereford expected progeny differences (EPDs) are now available on the Web. Visit to look up a specific animal’s EPDs. Click on “EPD Inquiry” on the home page. Printed sire summaries will be available in early February. Contact the American Hereford Association (AHA) to request a copy. For more information, contact Jack Ward at or (816) 842-3757.

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Market Update

Cattle Outlook
Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain, University of Missouri-Columbia

Grimes and Plain offer market updates for the week past each Friday afternoon. To view this information, visit the University of Missouri AgEBB Web site.

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Industry Insight


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