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Hereford Highlights

Champions Crowned in Cow Town

Two hundred twenty-eight head competed for champion honors on Jan. 28 at the 2008 Fort Worth National Hereford Show. Husband and wife duo, Greg and Pearl Walthall, Windsor, Mo., judged the event and at the end of the bull show said, "this is the most trememdous set of bulls that you are going to see in any breed, anywhere." The polled show was dedicated to Eddie Sims, Elgin, Okla., and the horned show honoree was Scharbauer Cattle Co., Midland, Texas.

Congratulations to the following:

  • Champion Polled Bull: H Easy Deal 609 ET owned by Lee and Diane Hutchens Family Trust, Fallon, Nev.; Hoffman Herefords, McArthur, Calif.; and Joe Brazil, Turlock, Calif.
  • Reserve Champion Polled Bull: HCC Legacy S01 ET owned by Zane Hausner, Thomasville, Pa.; Star Lake Cattle Ranch, Skiatook, Okla.; and Tennessee River Music Inc., Ft. Payne, Ala.
  • Champion Polled Female: STAR KKH SSF Valedictorian ET owned by Kasey Herman, Skiatook, Okla., and partners Star Lake Cattle Ranch, Skiatook, Okla., and Heritage Cattle Co., Buhl, Idaho.
  • Reserve Champion Polled Female: RW Mindy 3078 6096 owned by Kirbie Day, Waxahachie, Texas.
  • Champion Horned Bull: C Reno 6142 ET owned by Colyer Herefords, Bruneau, Idaho, and Aaron Wilbourne, Tulare, Calif.
  • Reserve Champion Horned Bull: H Top Hat 604 ET owned by LC Whitehead, Dallas, Texas, and Hoffman Herefords, McArthur, Calif.
  • Champion Horned Female: H Kathy 668 ET owned by Lauren Schiermiester-White, Buffalo, Wyo.
  • Reserve Champion Horned Female: C Chantel ET owned by Taylor Schrick, Sayre, Okla.
  • Horned Premier Breeder and Exhibitor: Four L Hereford Farm, Atwood, Tenn.
  • Polled Premier Breeder: DeShazer Cattle Co., Hearne, Texas
  • Polled Premier Exhibitor: Star Lake Cattle Ranch

To view complete results of the 2008 Ft. Worth Stock Show visit

Hereford AI Book Deadline Extended

The Hereford AI Book advertising deadline has been extended. Make sure that your sire is included by submitting all advertising information and photos to the HPI office on Feb. 1.

This artificial insemination (AI) source will be distributed with the March Hereford World. In addition, reprints will be placed in AHA new member packets and distributed at trade shows, meetings and AHA events. The source will also be posted at and a summary listing of the sires will be included in April’s Hereford World.

The price for a half-page, four-color ad is $725. A full-page, four-color ad is $1,150. If you purchase two pages, you receive a discounted rate of $2,050. There is no charge for the bull’s photo.

For more information, contact your AHA field representative. A field staff listing can be found in Hereford World or at

Visit the Hereford Booth in Reno

The 2008 Cattle Industry Annual Convention and Trade Show is Feb. 6-9 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nev. Those attending the Convention are encouraged to stop by the American Hereford Association (AHA) and Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) LLC booth, No. 973. Visit for more information about the convention and trade show.

NCBA Board and Committee Appointments

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) appointed several AHA members and staff to various leadership positions. Dale Spencer, Brewster, Neb., was named to the NCBA board of directors-policy division. Bob Harrell, Jr., Baker City, Ore., was appointed to the cattle heath & well being committee. AHA staff members serving on committees include: Craig Huffhines, beef production research; Jack Ward, producer education; Jim Williams, live cattle marketing; David Mehlhaff, information; Shonda Anderson, human nutrition research and Jarod Long, product enhancement.

U.S. Herefords Going International

The Fort Worth Stock Show attracts cattle breeders from around the world, but few have traveled farther than Bakyt Ataibekov and Bakytnur Bakytuly, father and son ranchers in southeastern Kazakhstan. Juan Hernandez, a livestock marketing specialist with the Texas Department of Agriculture, said he thinks this could be the first time that Kazakh ranchers have visited the Fort Worth show.

The two are planning to buy 20 Hereford bulls and 120 heifers and calves to improve their herd of 700 polled Herefords in the Balkhashsky region of Kazakhstan. The visitors think American Herefords are the best and they are hoping to add size and muscle to their herd to keep up with a growing demand for beef in Kazakhstan’s booming economy. The Kazah stock is generally about 33% smaller than American Herefords.

AHA officials met with the visitors and named them official international members of the American Hereford Association. All parties hope that this initial meeting will lead to further trade between Kazakhstan producers and U.S. Hereford breeders.

Kazakhstan is the ninth-largest country in the world. It is bordered by Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and China.

Pennsylvania Bull Testing Program Results

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture announced the 56-day weight results for Pennsylvania’s Bull Testing Program being held at the Livestock Evaluation Center in Pennsylvania Furnace, Centre County.

There are a record 160 bulls currently on test, including 92 Angus, 36 Simmentals, 15 Herefords, nine Red Angus, four Crossbreds, three Limousin and one Charolais. The 15 Hereford bulls on test have an average daily gain (ADG) of 4.41 lb. A bull consigned by Morgan Firestine of Womelsdorf, is leading the group with a 5.32-lb. ADG.

The top performing bulls on test will be selected by the sale committee for Pennsylvania’s 35th Annual Performance Tested Bull Sale scheduled for Friday, March 28, at noon. Held at Pennsylvania’s Livestock Evaluation Center, the sale will be a highlight of the 19th Annual Pennsylvania Beef Expo.

For more information about Pennsylvania’s performance testing programs and sales, contact Glenn Eberly at (814) 238-2527 or

National Beef is Looking for Hereford
and Black-Whitefaced Cattle

National Beef is currently looking for Hereford and black whitefaced cattle to fill a growing market need. National Beef is placing print ads and running 30-second radio spots throughout media outlets in the central plains and Midwest cornbelt.

The qualifying cattle are eligible for competitive market pricing, age verification and forward contracting. Contact Chad Barker at National Beef at 1-800-449-BEEF or at

Download the radio ad (MP3, 1.1 MB)

Test for Epilepsy Gene Found

Jon Beever, molecular geneticist at the University of Illinois, has confirmed his finding of the causative gene for idiopathic epilepsy in Hereford cattle.. He reported his finding to the American Hereford Association Board last week and confirmed that proper validation is complete providing 100% confidence in the test.

For those breeders interested in testing suspect sires, dams or progeny for the causative gene, contact Beever at (217) 333-4194 or for test kits. The test will be free of charge through March 2008.

2008 World Hereford Conference Booking Information

Scandinavia will host the 15th World Hereford Conference June 30-July 2. The event will feature pre- and post-event farm tours. Hundreds of Hereford breeders from around the world will visit farms in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway during the event as well as hear from speakers on topics such as breed improvement and marketing. Click on the link for registration and booking information as well as costs for the various tour packages. The AHA representative travel agent who will assist AHA members with flight arrangements is Doris O’Neal, she can be reached at (816) 699-9269.

Download Registration Form (Word, 44 KB)

BIF Sponsorship Available

American Hereford Women (AHW) are continuing to offer the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) convention sponsorship. The sponsorship will help pay for expenses involved in attending the convention up to the amount of $800.

The 2008 BIF Convention will be June 30-July 3 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The deadline for submitting an application is Feb. 15. You can find complete information about the sponsorship on the AHW Web site call Cheryl Evans at (662) 283-3337, Bonnie Coley-Malir at (614) 336-0307 or any AHW board member.

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Market Update

Cattle Outlook
Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain, University of Missouri-Columbia

Grimes and Plain offer market updates for the week past each Friday afternoon. To view this information, visit the University of Missouri AgEBB Web site.

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Industry Insight

Stand Up and Be Counted
John B. Hall, Virginia Tech Extension Beef Specialist

Ranchers and farmers make up less than 2% of the U.S. population, but we are critical to U.S. national productivity and security. It is vitally important that each person involved in agricultural makes sure their voice is heard. Only a few people in the agricultural sector are truly gifted at communicating with politicians and non-producers. However, each of us in agriculture should participate at some level. Here are some options:

Agricultural Censes – This is one of the most important ways all of us can provide information that will help all of agriculture. Summary information from the U.S. Ag Census is the first piece of information used by legislators and planners when considering bills and actions that impact agriculture. It provides the basis for justification for education, research, and agricultural programs at the state level as well as national level. The correctness of this information has a direct impact on each producer.

Most agriculture folks are reluctant to talk about how much land control or how many cattle they own. As one Montana rancher told me when I was much younger, “If you’re gonna ask me how many cows I own, why don’t ya ask me how much money I have in the bank?” I can understand and appreciate that logic; however, by law individual information from the Ag Census cannot be shared with any other agencies or individuals (Title 7, U.S. Code). In addition, individual information cannot be accessed by invoking the Freedom of Information Act. The bottom line – your information is safer than information you have given to almost any other group including lenders, insurers or partners.

National Agricultural Groups – Each of us should be a member of at least one national agricultural organization that actively lobbies on behalf of the beef industry and agriculture. It is not my place to tell you which one you should join. Just make sure you know what that group’s position is on various legislation and factors affecting agriculture. Also, be active in that organization to ensure your voice is heard.

Local groups and politics – The old adage “All politics are local” is true. It is important to know your local and state politicians. It is also critical that producers contact these politicians on important issues by phone, letter or e-mail.

Be part of the state and local cattlemen’s organization. You may not always agree with everything they do (and that is OK), if you did then you are not helping them make decisions. It has always impressed me how much good active local and state cattlemen’s associations do for our industry.

Breed Organizations – It is easy one to encourage folks to be active in their breed organizations. Even if you are strictly a commercial producer, you should know what direction the breed organization(s) of the principle breed(s) in your cow herd are taking. Talk to people in those organizations. For example, it’s OK to say, “I am a commercial cattle producer who uses Hereford bulls. How can Certified Hereford Beef or Hereford Verified help me? Is the breed developing EPDs for efficiency?” This helps a breed learn about its customers.

Finally, it is very important that young people become active in agricultural groups. Too often, the older folks are running the show. We need to make sure the next generation(s) is allowed to be part of the leadership structure, so we can train better leaders. On the other hand, agriculture needs young people who are willing to lead.

So, join at least one group this year or revitalize your activities as a member. Oh and don’t forget to send in your Ag Census.


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