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Hereford Highlights

New CHB Preparation Labels Launched

Based on positive customer response, Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) LLC has completely updated and redesigned new product cooking labels for use by retailers that feature food preparation tips. “These labels have been in existence for almost 10 years, but now have a revamped and much more consumer friendly design. They are available for all CHB® retailers to utilize on CHB products displayed in their meat case, and have had long history of successfully driving sales of under-utilized cuts or for certain cuts at different times of year,” said Shonda Anderson, CHB LLC account manager. “The labels offer consumers quick beef cooking tips including appropriate meat preparation temperatures.” The new labels cover grilling, skillet and roasting methods of cooking. To view the new labels, visit the CHB Web site.

Hereford Juniors Recognized as BEST Winners

The 2007-2008 Ohio Cattlemen’s Association BEST (Beef Exhibitor Show Total) Program wrapped up on June 7 with its Annual Awards Banquet held at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus.

The champion Hereford heifer was exhibted by Garth Regula of Fresno, Ohio. Regula’s heifer, OCC Lady Calypso A59, is a May 7, 2007, daughter of OCC Gold Bullion A24. Ostgaard Cattle Co., Dayton, Ohio, bred the heifer. For his accomplishments, he received an embroidered jacket and a $200 savings bond sponsored by the Buckeye Hereford Association.

The champion Hereford steer was exhibited by Mike Klingel of Marion, Ohio. Klingel’s steer was sired by DS KCK Legend 10J and bred by Kyle Jacobs of Shirley, Ind. For his accomplishments, he received an embroidered jacket and a $200 savings bond sponsored by the Buckeye Hereford Association.

Additional Awards for JNHE Champions

STAR KKH SSF Valedictorian 298S ET was named the supereme champion Hereford at the 2008 National Western Stock Show. The supreme trophy and prize money is given in memory of Tom Lane Sr. by the Lane family. In the same spirit of generosity, $2,500 will be distributed to the champions at the upcoming Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) by Valdictorian's owners — Kasey Herman, Star Lake Cattle Ranch (Jim & Judy Blin and Randy & Debbie Blin), Heritage Cattle Co. (John and Johanna Gomez) and Sunnyside Stock Farm (Jim & Beth Herman and family). The group of owners is contributing $500 in prize money to the following champions:

  • Champion Bred and Owned Heifer
  • Champion Bred and Owned Bull
  • Champion Cow-Calf
  • Champion Owned Horned Heifer
  • Champion Owned Polled Heifer

A big thank you goes to these generous sponsors.

Do You Have Someone in Mind for the AHA Board?

The AHA nominating committee’s responsibility is to identify six candidates to vie for the three Board positions that are selected during the AHA Annual Membership Meeting in November.

To make a recommendation, contact one of the following committee members:

Dennis Schock, Chairman
1911 Smith Oak Rd.
Sherman, TX 75090-3253
(903) 815-2004
(903) 893-1988 – fax

Eric Walker
Walker Polled Hereford Farm
P.O. Box 146
Morrison, TN 37357-0146
(931) 668-4622 - office
(931) 668-7365 - fax
(931) 635-2181 - home
(931) 607-6356 - cell

Dale Spencer
Spencer Herefords
43500 E. North Loup Rd.
Brewster, NE 68821-5104
(308) 547-2208 - home
(308) 547-2443 - fax (updated)

Marty D. Lueck
Leo & Jean Journagan
RR 1, Box 85G
Mountain Grove, MO 65711-9511
(417) 948-2669 - office
(417) 948-0509 – fax

Leon Langford
Langford Herefords
6815 N. 317 Rd.
Okmulgee, OK 74447-8995
(918) 733-1331 – home
(918) 733-9267 - fax (call first)

All nominee and support letters must be sent to the attention of:

Mary Ellen Hummel
American Hereford Association
P.O. Box 014059
Kansas City, MO 64101-0059

Plan to Attend 2008 JNHE

The 2008 JNHE is scheduled for July 12-19 in Kansas City, Mo. The Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas state Hereford associations in cooperation with the AHA will host this year’s event.

Download JNHE Preview (PDF)

Market Update

Cattle Outlook
Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain, University of Missouri-Columbia

Grimes and Plain offer market updates for the week past each Friday afternoon. To view this information, visit the University of Missouri AgEBB Web site.

Industry Insight

CRP Hay and Grazing – Bane or Blessing?
John Hall, University of Idaho

After struggling through last winter on limited hay supplies and high feed prices, beef producers are looking for any relief from what appears to be even higher feed prices this year. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) made it possible to release 24 million acres of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land for haying or grazing. However,make sure this forage is meeting the nutrient needs of your cattle before paying too much for it or end up with disappointing cattle performance. It reads ending up.

The USDA has indicated that:

  1. Owners must apply for a change of contract before cutting hay or allowing grazing on the CRP land.
  2. Any harvesting cannot begin until after the end of the nesting season for ground nesting birds – in most locations that is mid-July to mid-August. Download nesting dates (PDF).
  3. Only 50% of the acreage may be harvested for hay. Only one cutting is allowed.
  4. A maximum of 75% of the acreage can be grazed.
  5. The same acreage cannot be used for both hay and grazing.
  6. All harvesting or grazing must be complete by Nov. 10, 2008.

1998-2002 First Cutting Grass/Legume Hay

Date of Harvest % Crude
May 15 15.6 69.1
June 1 12.7 64.1
June 15 9.4 58.4
July 1 7.3 50.8
July 15 6.5 46.3

R. White, 2004

As a result of the late harvest date and only one cutting, the quality of the forage coming off CRP will be highly variable. In most cases, both protein and energy content of hay will be less than hay made in a more timely fashion. This will make the hay only suitable for dry cows in mid-gestation. Supplementation will probably be needed to supply sufficient nutrients for cows in late gestation and lactating cows.

Work conducted in Virginia on date of harvest on quality of cool season forages (orchardgrass, fescue, clover mixtures) demonstrated great variation among harvest date and year. In most years, protein and energy content of hay declined steadily from May through July. By mid-July, both protein and energy content of the hay was insufficient to meet the need of even dry, pregnant cows.

2003 Grass/Legume Hay Analyses

Date of Harvest % Crude
June 1 10.2 57.2
June 15 7.5 55.2
July 1 5.9 54.0
July 15 11.9 58.4

R. White, 2004

However, in one extremely wet cool year, 2003, the quality of the forage actually improved in mid-July. This was due to exceptional growth of clovers during the mid summer as well as re-growth of the grass portions of the mixture.

Producers need to take forage quality into consideration when buying or contracting hay made on released CRP land. Taking a forage sample for nutrient analysis is an absolute must before using CRP hay. In addition, once the analysis is received, cattlemen need to work with their county Extension agent or nutritionist to design a supplementation program.

The same caution on nutrient content of grass applies to grazing. Lactating cows and calves grazing over mature CRP forage may result in disappointing weaning weights. Producers also need to consider condition of fences and availability of water when negotiating to graze released CRP land.

Forage from release CRP land should be considered in your beef operation if it is available. However, make sure this forage is meeting the nutrient needs of your cattle before paying too much for it or ending up with disappointing cattle performance.


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