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Hereford Highlights

Uruguay Hereford Breeders Host National Show

Uruguay Hereford breeders hosted the national Hereford show in Montevideo, Uruguay, Sept. 15-16. The Hereford Breeders' Society of Uruguay organized the two-day show during the Prado Expo, a 10-day livestock and trade show, which Montana Hereford Breeder Jack Holden says is comparable to the National Western Stock Show in Denver. Holden developed a relationship with breeders in Uruguay during his tenure on the American Hereford Association (AHA) Board of Directors, and says the cattle shown had a heavy influence of U.S. genetics.

The 130 entries were evaluated not only on phenotype but also on their expected progeny differences (EPDs) as they were released in the first-ever Pan-American Cattle Evaluation (PACE). PACE was released in July and includes Hereford cattle from the U.S., Canada, Argentina and Uruguay.

The quality of the cattle at the show was impressive, Holden says. “They showed very consistent, good cattle. I chose cattle that blended good balance, volume, capacity and muscle shape. And they had to have good EPDs to go with it.”

Holden traveled to Uruguay with Jack Ward, AHA chief operating officer and director of breed improvement. Ward and Holden also visited the organization's bull test facility near Kiyu, where about 80 bulls are tested annually and sold. Throughout the remainder of the year, approximately 400 steers are grass-finished at the facility.

“They fatten them on grass with very little supplement,” Holden explains. “That's why they push so much for feed efficiency. They need cattle that can grow efficiently and they are very conscious of that. The Uruguay breeders are very performance-oriented and they are definitely excited about the PACE EPDs. They've been pushing for it and wanting it all along.”

Take Advantage of Feeder Calf Sales In Your Area

Consigning your Hereford and Hereford-influenced calves to a special Hereford sale not only provides a great outlet for buyers interested in Hereford genetics, but may also result in a premium for the seller. Contact these organizers today for the specific requirements of each sale. Many have a consignment deadline, and the earlier you commit your stock, the better advertisement your calves will get. Whether you have one head or 100, one of these sales may be the perfect marketing outlet for you.

Kansas Hereford Influenced Feeder Calf Sale
Date: Oct. 23
Location: Manhattan Commission Co., Manhattan, Kan.
Contact: Tom Graznow, (785) 466-6790
John Cline (785) 776-4815

Tennessee Hereford Marketing Program Feeder Calf Sale
Oct. 26, Tennessee Livestock Producers, Columbia, Tenn.
John Woolfolk: (731) 225-2620
Darrell Ailshie: (931) 212-8512

Kentucky Certified Hereford Influenced Sale
Oct. 27, Bluegrass Stockyards South, Stanford, Ky.
Lowell Atwood: (606) 669-1455
John Meents: (419) 306-7480

Montana Hereford Association Hereford Influenced Feeder Calf Sale
Nov. 16, Headwaters Livestock Auction, Three Forks, Mont.
Jerry Gereghty: (406) 662-3375 or

Greater Midwest Certified Hereford Feeder Calf Sale
Dec. 3, Carthage Livestock Auction, Carthage, Ill.
Jerry Huth: (920) 583-3223 or

Missouri Hereford Association Hereford Influenced Feeder Calf Sale
Dec. 3, Joplin Regional Stockyards, Carthage, Mo.
Matt Reynolds: (660) 676-3788
Marty Lueck: (417) 948-2669 or

Annual Meeting Draws Closer;
Meet Board Candidate Les Midla

The 2009 AHA Annual Membership Meeting will be Monday, Nov. 2, at the Hilton President Kansas City. To make hotel reservations please call (816) 221-9490 or (800) 445-8667. The reservation cutoff deadline is Sept. 30. Visit for a tentative schedule.

The six AHA Board candidates are Cliff Copeland, Nara Visa, N.M.; Marty Lueck, Mountain Grove, Mo.; Dale Micheli, Ft. Bridger, Wyo.; Les Midla, Marianna, Pa.; Phillip Moon, Harrison, Ark.; and Kevin Schultz, Haviland, Kan. Watch for more information on each of the candidates in the October Hereford World. Each week we will feature a new Board candidate in Hereford eNews, this week we feature Les Midla.

Pennsylvania Hereford breeder Les Midla's family has been in the Hereford business since the 1950s. Through the years, the Flat Stone Lick herd located in Marianna, has transitioned from horned to now predominately polled genetics with 80 registered females. Les utilizes artificial insemination (AI) to produce easy keeping Herefords with modestly positive, but balanced, expected progeny differences (EPDs). Each year about 75% of the herd has an AI-sired calf in a closed season. Today Les and his son, Brendan, manage the farm. The father-son team strives to market problem-free young pairs and a few bulls to both commercial and registered herds with the goal of improving the quality and marketability of those herds. The Midlas participate in sales in Pennsylvania and Kentucky and occasionally in surrounding states.

Les has been a Pennsylvania Hereford Association board member for 34 years, serving several terms as president and currently serving as secretary and sale manager. He was also a Mason-Dixon Hereford Association charter board member and served that organization as president. He is a past board member of the West Virginia Hereford Association. Outside the Hereford industry, he has served on the County Planning Commission board for 28 years, including several terms as president. He has been a parish council member for 28 years and has also served the council as president. He has been a Farm Bureau state delegate and legislative committee member. He recently served on a Strategic Plan Task Force for his county.

Owning a small town dental practice for 36 years, Les has served on the Western Pennsylvania Dental Society board and has been a state delegate to the Pennsylvania Dental Society since 1973. He has chaired the ethics committee and has served on various task forces. Les and his wife, Nancy, have two children and four grandchildren.

AHW, NOP to Vote on Consolidation Proposal in KC

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) formed by the American Hereford Women (AHW) and National Organization of Poll-ettes (NOP) to explore the possibility of one combined national organization for women in the Hereford business has released its proposal for consideration by each organization’s membership. The proposal is available on the AHW Web site and the NOP Web site or from any AHW or NOP director.

Women’s Forum on the Future II will be at 5:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30 at the Hilton President Kansas City. This will be an opportunity to ask questions, voice support or concerns regarding the proposal.

Then AHW members will vote at the AHW annual membership meeting at 9 a.m. Oct. 31 at the Hilton President Kansas City. NOP members will vote at the NOP annual membership meeting at 12:30 p.m. Oct. 31 at the Hilton President Kansas City. More details and information on the voting process will be in the October Hereford World or online at the NOP and AHW Web sites.

Hereford Chosen Grand Champion Land of Lincoln Steer

Bradi Branyan, Assumption, Ill., exhibited the champion Land of Lincoln steer at the 2009 Illinois State Fair August 15. The 1,296 lb. steer by Benedict Farms' LF BH CP 7024 Channing was awarded the honor, which means he was the top steer at the fair bred and raised in Illinois. Branyan's steer, which was bred by the Adcock family, was then sold at the Governor's Sale of Champions to Friends of Land of Lincoln Cattle Breeders, DeKalb, and Rex Eveans Bedding and Feed for $18,250.

Join Us for HYFA Boots and Brew Reception

During the 2009 AHA Annual Meeting in Kansas City, Hereford enthusiasts are invited to the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) Boots and Brew reception. The reception will be at 5:30 p.m. Saturday Oct. 31 in the American Royal Governor’s Room. Shuttle service back to the hotel will be available at 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Enter Now for the Western Nugget National Hereford Show

The Western Nugget National Hereford Show (WNNHS) will be Dec. 3-4 in Reno, Nev. The early entry deadline is Oct. 15. The Western Nugget Junior Show will be Dec. 2. Visit the NJHA Web site for more information. For information about all upcoming national shows, visit

The Whiteface Available for Download, Order

Articles highlighting the Harris Ranch and Circle A Ranch heterosis projects printed in recent Hereford World issues have been reformatted and are available in a new issue of The Whiteface. American Hereford Association (AHA) members can request printed copies to distribute or the file can be downloaded and printed at home.

The Whiteface issues are available for download at These newsletters make excellent reading materials at Hereford sales this fall. To request printed copies or if you would like high-resolution files for high-quality printing, please contact Angie Stump Denton at (785) 363-7263 or

JNHE Photos, Videos Available for Purchase

All pictures taken by AHA staff at the Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) may be viewed and ordered at

Also this year a video of the show is available for purchase. Order your copy on DVD at

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Market Update

Cattle Outlook

Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain, University of Missouri-Columbia

Grimes and Plain offer market updates for the week past each Friday afternoon. To view this information, visit the University of Missouri AgEBB Web site.

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