2016 VitaFerm Junior National Hereford Expo

A Hereford Scene in 2016
July 9-16, 2015 – Madison, Wis.

Friday, July 8

6 p.m.       Barns open for setting up stalls — cattle may arrive into tie outs

Saturday, July 9
8 a.m.       Cattle allowed in barns

6:30 a.m. National Hereford Women (NHW) board meeting

8 a.m.       Scholarship judges’ breakfast

8 a.m.       NJHA director candidate interviews

8 a.m.
- 5 p.m.   People registration in show office — pick up goodie bags and exhibitor packets

9 a.m.       Scholarship interviews begin

- 6 p.m.    Cattle check-in — all cattle in barn and checked in by 6 p.m.

12:30 p.m. Newcomer orientation and luncheon — state advisors welcome

6 p.m.       Contest sign ups due to show office

7 p.m.       Director candidate roundtable dinner

Sunday, July 10
8 a.m.       Hereford bowl written test

9 a.m.       Individual and team sales

11 a.m.     Great American CHB® Grill-off

1 p.m.       Illustrated speech

1 p.m.       NHW queen’s tea, state queens forum to follow

4 p.m.       State group pictures, Alliant Energy Center

5 p.m.       Opening ceremonies, Alliant Energy Center

6:30 p.m.  A Hereford Scene Welcome Party — taste of Wisconsin brat feed, band and social mixer, grass and parking lot to the north of Pavilion #1


Monday, July 11
8 a.m.       Judging contest, Alliant Energy Center

8:30 a.m. HYFA golf tournament, Door Creek Golf Course

11 a.m.     Sure Champ nutritional clinic, Alliant Energy Center

11 a.m.     Extemporaneous speech contest (first preparation starts at 10:30 a.m.)

Noon        Hereford bowl final “buzzer” round (top teams compete)

2 p.m.       NHW annual meeting

2 p.m.       Sullivan Supply/Stock Show University fitting demonstration, Alliant Energy Center

4 p.m.       Sullivan Supply/Stock Show University team fitting contest

6 p.m.       Queen’s orientation

7 p.m.       NJHA membership meeting — election of board members

Tuesday, July 12
8 a.m.       Sullivan Supply/Stock Show University national showmanship contest
Ring 1: senior, intermediate and senior finals
Ring 2: junior and peewee followed by pre-peewee

Wednesday, July 13
8 a.m.  Ring 1: Cow-calf pairs, bred-and-owned heifers
Ring 2: Steers, bred-and-owned bulls

5 - 7 p.m. Awards night CHB steak dinner

7 p.m.       Awards night

Thursday, July 14
8 a.m.       Begin owned heifer show

 Friday, July 15
8 a.m.       Resume owned heifer show

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