In this section you will find the tools you need to do business as a Hereford breeder.


Schedule of AHA services and fees.

Animal Registration

Register your animals online or download the registration applications to complete it through the mail.

Whole Herd TPR

Whole Herd TPR™ is a system of registration and performance tracking whereby participating breeders update their cow herd inventory annually and are charged for performance data on a per cow basis. Participation in Whole Herd TPR is voluntary and breeders may choose to maintain pedigree records without recording performance information. With this option, known as Pedigree Registry, breeders will not see EPDs or other performance information printed on their registry certificates or online.

Hereford EPD Information

AHA currently produces expected progeny differences (EPDs) for 15 traits and calculates four profit ($) indexes. Research is ongoing to develop traits for fertility, feed intake and docility. A comprehensive sort of Hereford sires can be done online. Utilizing the AHA website to look up EPDs allows breeders to efficiently research and sort performance information. The EPD lookup utilities and animal search features used in conjunction with the EPD Trends & Distributions Report files can help producers evaluate their herd or help when making breeding decisions.

Trends, Trait Leaders and Distributions

The EPD Trends & Distributions Report contains information on the breed average EPDs for each of the 11 reported traits. Four trait leader reports provide the top 200 animals of specific classes or types in the Hereford breed based on the $Profit Indexes, which use multiple EPD criteria in their calculation.

Recognition Programs

AHA has several leader recognition programs including dams and sires of distinction, Gold TPR Breeders and CHB sires.

Genetic Abnormalities

A list of carriers for hypotrichosis, dilutor and idiopathic epilepsy.

Herd Management Software

A list of software packages that will interface with the AHA registry system.

Alternate Breed Inventory

AHA offers a program that allows the collection of crossbred data as well as information on recipient dams so that it might be possible to utilize the information of crossbred and embryo transfer (ET) calves in future genetic analyses.


Utilizing ultrasound technology to collect carcass measurements on yearling Hereford cattle is the surest way to gather a significant amount of data for expected EPD analysis.

National Reference Sire Program

The National Reference Sire Program (NRSP) allows Hereford breeders to test young sires in real-world commercial settings.


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Register Your Animals

Register online or download the applications here.


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