CHB/Hereford Verified FAQs

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What are the CHB live animal specifications?

  • Cattle must have a predominately (51%) whiteface and exhibit white markings over the jaw, forehead and muzzle. White markings on any part of the hip, shoulder or side of the body such as spots, stripes or belts are not acceptable.
  • Cattle must be solid red, solid black or roan with a predominately whiteface. Whitefaced animals that are yellow, gray, brown, brindle, or smoke are ineligible.
  • Only steers and heifers of English beef-type breeding under 30 months of age qualify — an animal expressing dairy or Bos indicus type breeding is not acceptable.
  • To qualify, cattle may be either horned or polled. Bulls, bullocks or cows are not acceptable.

What are the CHB carcass specifications?

  • Slight 00 to Moderate 99 marbling score
  • Yield Grade 4 and leaner
  • 600-1,000 lb. carcass weight
  • No dark cutters
  • A maturity only

How can I market feeder cattle through the CHB program?
Today cattlemen have more marketing options available to them than ever before. The key to marketing success is knowing which marketing option works best for you and your cattle and the willingness to do the research. Regardless of whether you market your cattle on a grid or on a cash basis, people in all segments of the industry are making it clear that if you want market price or to add value to your cattle, you must know how they perform in the feed yard and produce desirable carcasses. Once you have data on your cattle there may be genetic improvements that need to be addressed.

How many packing plants process CHB product?
Three plants process CHB cattle including Greater Omaha Packing Co. Inc., located in Omaha, Neb., and two National Beef Packing Co. LLC plants, located in Dodge City and Liberal, Kan.

What is the Hereford Verified program?
It is a breed specific program that allows producers or feedlots to retain carcass data and a possible  $3 per head return. Hereford Verified fulfills many producer, feeder, packer and CHB LLC needs – supply assurance, supply growth, quality assurance and source, age and breed verification. The program brings together all facets of the beef supply chain – producers, feeders and packers – to create an open market, reliable supply of Certified Hereford Beef® eligible cattle and pays real premiums to program participants.

Is Hereford Verified a source and age program?

How does a producer enroll in Hereford Verified?
Producers can enroll cattle at The form asks a series of questions about the genetics of the calves as well as  size, sex and preferred sell date.  Produces are given the option to purchase tags.  The producer will  need to purchase tags in order for them to be eligible for data and  premiums.  Tags are an EID that costs $1.85 per tag.  Tags are only  sold in increments of 25 per bag.  This is a credit card purchase.  In order for producers to receive data  and premiums the cattle must be marketed through an approved feedyard and the  cattle must be marketed as Hereford Verified cattle to the plant. National Beef in Dodge City and Liberal, Kan., are the only plants actively participating in Hereford Verified.

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Plan to Attend Annual Meeting

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DNA Fee Increases

 Effective Sept. 1, 2015, the cost of the basic DNA profile also known as a parentage SNP profile will increase to $38. The cost of GE-EPD (genomic-enhanced expected progeny difference) tests and combination packages of GE-EPD test with the basic DNA profile or horn/poll tests will remain the same as they have been since late 2014.

Auction Raises $38,500 for Hereford Research

Thanks to the supporters of the Hereford Research Foundation, including donors, buyers and bidders, the AHA is able to continue to invest in industry leading research. During the fourth annual auction to benefit the Hereford Research Foundation July 23, 13 lots were sold on grossing $38,500. The top selling lot was the opportunity to purchase embryos from Knoll Crest Farm, Red House, Va. Falling River Farm, Concord, Va., paid $8,000 for Lot 4. >> Read More Highlights

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