•  Herefords reduce input costs. Along with excellent feed conversion, Herefords offer hardiness, fertility, longevity and gentle disposition — ideal for your herd and your pocketbook.

  •  A registered Hereford bull pays in so many ways — a user-friendly package of docility, stronger fertility, longevity, hardiness and calving ease. He sires calves with hybrid vigor and feed efficiency that demand a premium.

  •  There's nothing better than a Hereford-sired momma. Whether she's purebred or crossbred, the Hereford-influenced momma is the best in the pasture.

  • Herefords are practical, profitable cattle. Known as the efficiency experts, Herefords have been an industry icon for more than 100 years.

  • Hereford cattle are building a reputation for producing truly great-tasting beef. The Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) program continues to gain market share with CHB volume sold surpassing 50 million lb. during fiscal year 2014.

  •  Beef quality in a perfect package. Real-world research projects at Lacey Livestock and Circle A Ranch documented the Hereford-sired advantage of $30 per head in a vertically coordinated beef marketing system.

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07/06/15 Streamline Genetics Let Freedom Ring Frozen Genetics Online Sale Monticello, Indiana details
07/07/15 Red River Valley Fair W. Fargo, North Dakota details
07/16/15 West Virginia State Show Parkersburg, West Virginia details
07/18/15 California State Fair Hereford Show Sacramento, California details
07/23/15 Hereford Research Foundation Fundraiser on BuyHereford.com Missouri details
07/24/15 Advertising Deadline for September Hereford World Missouri details
07/31/15 Sonoma County Fair Hereford Show Santa Rosa, California details
08/01/15 Streamline Genetics Back to School Frozen Genetics Online Sale Monticello, Indiana details
08/02/15 Ohio State Fair Hereford Show Columbus, Ohio details
08/08/15 Tennessee State Hereford Show Franklin, Tennessee details

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2015 JNHE This Week in Grand Island

 Hereford enthusiasts are in Grand Island this week for the Junior National Hereford Expo.

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AHA Election Process, Nomminating Committee

The nominating committee is requesting volunteers who are willing to serve a four-year term on the AHA board of directors. They encourage interested members and state leaders to contact them regarding prospective candidates within their state and region.

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This year’s nominating committee includes:

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