Online Sale, Private Treaty and Semen Catalogs

Hereford breeders can post production sale and private-treaty sale catalogs at Catalogs can be posted in three formats — pdf, flip and data.

Creative Service customers’ catalogs are posted in all three formats at no extra cost. Hereford breeders who do their own catalog or utilize another organization to produce their catalog, can be listed on the Marketplace at a low cost. As an added benefit, the catalogs will also be listed in the Weekly Hereford Sales Digest.

Online catalog rates:

• PDF version — $200 — Customer will provide a low resolution PDF to post to the site.  

• Data version — see below.

• Flip Version — $250 — Customer will provide a low resolution PDF*.  

• All three options — $500 for 100 lots or less, $600 for more than 100 lots.

* Note if the pdf file is not optimized or if the flip generator determines errors, it is the customer’s responsibility to fix the errors and resubmit a new pdf. If the Creative Service team incurs additional hours due to technical issues those hours will be billable at $40/hour.

For more information, contact Caryn Vaught or Heather Yoho at 816-842-3757 or email


Data version catalogs

Production sale, private treaty and semen catalogs can be posted in the data format. The listing service is available to full AHA members. Information for these listings can be submitted electronically or by mail or fax.

These listings include pedigree and EPD details for each lot, obtained directly from AHA’s online database of more than 4 million animals. Therefore, when submitting data for catalogs it is not necessary to provide pedigree and EPD information as the registration number is all that is needed to generate pedigrees and EPDs.

An advantage of getting lot information directly from the AHA database is that all pedigrees are searchable allowing you to look through generations of Hereford cattle in an animal’s pedigree.

Notes on sale lots can be included with up to 50 words per lot, which are supplied by the seller. Pictures may also be included. While they are not necessary on each lot, it is an added way to promote your sale cattle and bulls. Keep in mind that once a picture is added to the database it will be accessed every time that animal is looked up in the AHA database.

Added benefits:

Links can be included to additional introductory sale notes.

For the same per lot fees as the rest of the animals in your catalog, up to 10 reference sires can be linked to your catalog. The same information is needed on the reference sire lots as the sale lots including registration numbers, footnotes and pictures. This same process goes for donor dams also.

Lots can be sorted and viewed according to lot number, animal name, sire’s name, EPD criteria, etc. This will be very helpful as potential buyers look through your catalog. They will be able to set their own specifications and parameters on the sale offering and in seconds will know which cattle are best suited for their operations.

These online catalogs can be linked to the members’ Web site and the same is true with the logos as the animal pictures. Logos can be displayed when animals that are owned by that member are looked up in the AHA database.

Record sale results

Following a sale, the listing will remain online for one month. Sale prices per lot can be included for each lot at no extra cost if provided electronically, or for $2 per lot if manual entry is required. It is not necessary to record the price on every lot and if you wish for sale results to be left online longer, a price can be negotiated for this service.

Sale Catalogs

Catalog listings include pedigree and EPD details for each lot, obtained directly from the AHA database (i.e. breeders do not need to supply pedigree and EPD details). Sale notes can be included (up to 100 words per lot, supplied by the seller).

Links can be included to additional introductory sale notes, Reference Sire and/or Donor Dam details, Members' Web site etc.

Lots can be sorted and viewed according to Lot Number, Animal Name, Sire’s Name, EPD criteria, etc.

Following the sale, the listing will remain online for six months. Sale prices per lot can be added at no extra cost if provided electronically, or for $1 per lot if manual entry is required.


$75 set up fee, plus $2 per lot (electronic entry*) or $5 per lot (manual entry).

Discounted set up fees for catalogs of 30 or more lots:

(30-60 lots receive $30 discount, 60 lots or more receive $65 discount)

Inclusion of photos: extra $3 per lot (electronic entry*) or extra $10 per lot (if image scanning required).

*For electronic entry rate to apply, all sale details (Lot#, AHA Registration No., Sale Notes, Photos) must be provided on the Sale Catalog Template via email or diskette. Please read on to find out how to obtain the template file to use to submit your information.

Example of costs:

Catalog Size             Electronic Entry                    Manual Entry

10 lots                        $95                                         $125

20 lots                        $115                                       $175

30 lots                        $105                                       $195

50 lots                        $145                                       $295

60 lots                        $130                                       $310

Download Sale Catalog Template

Download picture submission instructions.


Private Treaty Sale Catalog

The Private Treaty Sales Service includes sale listings of Hereford seedstock when the seller is not hosting an actual production sale or similar event.


Initial listing for two months $20 plus $5 per animal.

Any Private Treaty Catalogs of 25 or more lots are eligible for Online Sale Catalog Pricing.

Cost includes up to 10 lines (approx. 100 words) introductory comments, sellers contact details etc., and up to 50 words of sale notes on each animal. Links will be provided to pedigree and EPD details for each animal, obtained directly from the Hereford database.

Photos, logos etc: extra $3 per photo if provided in electronic format, $10 per photo if image scanning is required.

Renewal of existing listing (unedited) $10 per month. Changes to an existing listing will be charged at $5 per animal.

Listings will automatically expire after two months unless a renewal is requested.  This may be done at the time of initial listing, or at a later date.

Download Private Treaty Template

Download picture submission instructions.


Semen Catalogs

Listings include pedigree and EPD and accuracy details for each lot, obtained directly from the Hereford database.

Sale notes can be provided by the vendor (up to 150 words per lot, including details of semen price and availability).

Links can be included to additional introductory notes, company website etc.

Lots can be sorted and viewed according to Lot Number, Animal Name, Sire’s Name, EPD criteria, etc.

EPDs and accuracies will be automatically updated following each genetic analysis. Semen price and availability details can be updated by notifying the Hereford Assn. by email or fax.


$25 per bull per year

Photos: extra $3 per lot (electronic entry*) or extra $10 per lot (if image scanning required)

Download the semen catalog template file.

Download picture submission instructions.


Filling out the templates:

All information marked with an asterisk is required for proper posting of your online catalog. All other information is optional except where noted otherwise below.

The template is self-explanatory and is color-coded to aid in completing the template file. To properly fill out the template, type directly over the red instructions. (For instance to enter the contact name, click on the field that says "Enter the primary contacts name", and type the information in that field. Please enter all of each type of information in a single field. Once you have entered all of your information including shipping information, details on semen certificates and any other special comments, the field will automatically expand to accommodate everything you entered. If you have any additional types of information that no category is provided for, please feel free to insert additional lines where you feel necessary and enter the appropriate data.

When entering the sale lots, a lot number and registration number is required. Up to 75 words of footnotes may also be included for each lot, but is not required.

When you have completed filling in your information in the template, save it as a Microsoft Excel or Lotus Spreadsheet. The name of the file should be the same as the member account number that the catalog will be billed (e.g., 7012712.xls). Then email your template file to . We will process your semen catalog information and notify you via email when it has been posted.

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